About Us

Şaheser Home Textile Company

The company has been begun to produce home textile fabrics since 1985, and it was located at well known town name as Babadag in Denizli.
From 2008, we have entered the production of Duvet covers,Piques,Towels,Bathrobes,Peshtemals and Napkins.
Our mission is to achieve always ‘ quality, innovation and good service’ ,with our R&D activities the company has been found its place in the markets.
We export our products to the whole world, especially to Russia, Germany,Poland,Czech Republic,Romania,İsrael,Kazakhstan, Greece, Ukraine, Canada,USA,BAE and Egypt.

Our monthly production capacities are 80.000 kg Towel, 150.000 mt Pique, 300.000 mt Fabric.